I will be gone on the Grand Tour...for 6 weeks.. From favorite Venice my most favorite city.. I am excited to have a little 2 hour session at the newly opened spa...I can't wait to sit in the real Bath waters. Click here to is a little more modern than I would have designed it but the mineral water is real. The Queens of England went for the cure..and many got pregnant. hmm...I am hoping that my story gets pregnant. I am sure it will not be me.
My husband John Doan will be doing Celtic Pilgrimage concerts and a recording in Germany. We have 11 concerts set me..It will be fun seeing old friends and new. I don't know if I will have time to blog but wanted to let you know in case you are checking my blog and wondered what happened to me.
We have wonderful friends keeping the home fires burning..and the flowers they will be house sitting 24/7 at our Hotel home...."Harp Cliff Cottage".
We will be home on June 30th.

Our trip includes...England, Wales, Holland (2 days) Germany (I have never been to Holland and Germany) A little side trip to the east side of France and Switzerland. Austria to see dear Harald. And finally Italy..Florence and beloved ....
Venice...the most romantic city in the world!!!
Ciao..and I will save you some is a food staple for me when I am in Italy!


Debby said…
WOW!!!! Your trip sounds amazing, have a wonderful time.
Sue said…
I envy you! What a fabulous journey you are about to embark on. Take lots of pics and blog, blog, blog when you get home so that we may all live vicariously.

spindelmaker said…
Oh, if you have the time in Bath, they have a wonderful costume museum there. Lots of dresses from the Jane Austen era. I am sure you would like to see it.
I do wish you both the most wonderful trip, with lots of new audience to appreciate John´s music.
All the best!
Healing Woman said…
I'll be in Bath at the end of June and if time permits, I will check out the spa. I'll be on an escorted tour so don't think it will be possible to do more than peek in.

Enjoy Venice and have a gelato for me. It is my favorite when in Italy. They even have Tiramisu gelato!

I'm sure you will return with a lot of inspiring posts from your journey.

Bon Voyage!
Dayna said…
Your trip sounds divine! I'm sure you will have a splendid six weeks - can't wait to get updates as your time permits.
Sue said…
Hi Deirdra!

thanks for your response on my Lace Addict post. Wanted to wish you luck on your treasure hunting in Europe. Apparently Amsterdam is excellent for finding beautiful textiles/trims (my niece lives there and her mom - my sis - visits her fairly frequently and has picked up some lovely pieces for me).


Maija said…
Such pleasure!!!!
Unknown said…
Have a WoNdErFul trip!! Bring back bagfuls of inspiration!
Loved your prayer box so much I had to join myself. How fun! Thanks!!
Erin Butson said…
I am traveling vicariously through you! Thankss for the, love, love Bath. or Bahth, as they say over there...
Serena Barton said…
I don't have to tell you to have a great time--I know you will! Say hello to Venice for me-my most favorite city as well.
pchickki said…
Oh my, sounds so wonderful. It takes my breath romantic.
have a wonderful time.
I love your blog and am looking forward to visiting again often :)
Amy said…
I look forward to hearing all about it. It sounds like an amazing trip! =)

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