Tuesday, April 1, 2008


A few summers ago you could see me and my cousin and her children sitting on a grass bump all painting away in this little village beach town. I really had a time of it trying to paint the roof tiles. But I looked at another painters work in the village and saw how he did it. I painted this little cottage in Oil. Aren't the Hollyhocks wonderful?

When I took my cousin's bike and rode it on the streets of Lokken Denmark I felt like I was a real Dane. Cousin Jenna was laughing so hard as I wobbled down the street. It had been a while...since I was on the seat of a bike. But I was so amazed to be in Denmark and the bike seemed to be just the thing to make it so real.


Mo'a said...

Deirdra, I love that your family comes from Denmark. My Son who was raised here in the US now lives in Denmark. He is married to a Danish woman and they have a son who is 11 months old...they live in Aalborg...small world :)
Your painting looks like a Skagen painting...you did a wonderful job on it. I love the color of the houses in Skagen ...and I adore the Skagen Museum. I have a Kroyer painting Hip Hip Hooray hanging over the fireplace in my Family room :)
I love the old photos on you Flikr these old photos are a treasure.

GreenishLady said...

I've never visited Denmark, and am glad to have had a chance to see some of it through your eyes, and your family history. Wonderful pictures!

Ms Dragonfly said...

Ginkgo leaves are beautiful! i have a try near my home that has wide leaves and claps like chimes in the wind. i love trees and leaves :D