I am getting ready for the Children's Illustration conference. I signed up for a portfolio exhibition! Wew. I have had no time to really work on it. But I went through old art I had and I am putting it in Photoshop. I am having fun learning how to work with it. I bought the "Digital Studio" Volume 1 by Somerset to help inspire. Here is my first try.
John had written a song for a China CD (never came out as our old label was not very nice though he did get a wonderful TV piece on a Seattle TV station where the song was featured) I had drawn this illustration for a song called "Light Heart Heavy Load". I colored it in photoshop and put it into a photo I took of the Japanese Flowering Cherry trees. I just took this photo while walking around the Oregon State Capital plaza and enjoying the beauty of the Flowering experience.


suzi blu said…
good luck! Tell me how the conference goes.
Cindy Thomson said…
Very cool. Not being a visual artist (maybe that explains it) photoshop drives me crazy. I should take a class, I guess. But then, some of us are more talented than others! :)
GreenishLady said…
What a beautiful picture. Truly beautiful! (Enjoyed your recent visit to my blog. I've watched the video of John in Ireland. Lovely!)
This turned out really great. This opens up alot of oppertunity for design doesn't it. Can't wait to see more.

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