Fernando Sor & John Doan Graphics

The sun is out and summer and is here but I am indoors making graphic art for my husbands new CD Homagae to Fernando Sor the father of Classical Guitar.
I have always wanted to see a colored painting of Fernando Sor. There was a litho print from the original  painting of him that is now lost.
so I used this cool painting of a Russian Guitarist with a 7 string guitar and did my digital art magic creating a new painting of Fernando Sor. I used his grave stone photo I took in Paris for a cool layer to make it look old and hold together. 

Having gone to Russia where Fernando Sor lived with his wife the Prima Ballerina of Paris who taught and danced at the Bolshoi Theater Moscow. Sor wrote a ballet about Cinderella that opened the theater in the 1824. 
This summer we got to walk the streets where he lived. You can go to my husband John Doan's blog and sign up for emails when he puts up new blogs. He is posting a series of our time in Moscow. I took all the photo's there are some funny stuff there. 
Click to see this big...so cool.

 Here is the poster I have been working on..John's photo was taken by an amazing photographer in Kiev Ukraine. Igor Voloshin. Check out his amazing work!
Igor does lots of Gothic like photo's but I found one that is not.

 Here is the other part of the project. The cover for the new CD and the digital painting of Sor is the the back part of the CD.

My friend Carlee Justis put the guitar in the back. We didn't have the Panormal 1820's guitar with us in Ukraine. So we had to photo shop it in.
She was amazing..shadows and highlights and all! Her skills are way over mine. Thank you for saving me Carlee!!

And THANK you Igor Voloshin..none of this would happened with out you and your friends and Victoria in Kiev who put us together with your beautiful work. The photo's and the this new poster is a new level for us!


Papillon Bleu said…
It is a wonderful project Deirdra!
The cover looks simply amazing and totally goes with John's universe.
Hi Deirdra some changes going on at ADO please pop over on Facebook member page. Thank you x

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