Learning WordPress & Doll making

Yeep...6 days camping out at Lorelle VanFossenworking on John Doan new Word Press web site..I had to escape and go to Lulu Moonwood Murakami studio one night and we made dolls like Michelle Dornacher-Allen.

Lorelle VanFossen doing her magic!!
If you need help with your web hire...Lorelle the WordPress Wizard!!!!

 I am getting ready for the Children's book conferance and wanted to make a Nikki Nissa doll to wear! 

 I am fitting in doll making between loading up content.......com......

Still in progress...WordPress not on line yet


Lisa Graham said…
Workaholics in every photo it looks like. But creative workaholics...right? Now that's the way to be. Can't wait to see more of your dolls! : )

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