Nikki Nissa Childrens Book Photoshop fun...

HI..I am having fun with Photoshop and learning to paint with it....
I can't show the book but here are little pieces... of the black and white digital paintings...drawings...
I am on the last couple pages...finally!!! So soon I can paint in color again...and do my own art not just Nikki....!
    The publishers want you to send the dummy book in with black and white illustrations and story. It has been interesting. I have reformatted the pages and I used photo shop brushes for little flourishes..snowflakes and stars and ice and such...making the pages more exciting.

The art director of what ever publisher I get will make suggestions and do the page layouts but I get to be the Art Director of my dummy.

I am doing it much more elaborately then necessary but why not as every little bit helps.

I mailed off a more primitive version earlier this year and the one of the publishers liked my drawings! But they didn't want Christmas and the story needed a few things. That was when I went back to the drawing and editing board and revamped the story and illustrations. I really think I have the best possible foot forward I can have and now it is in the hands of God and which publisher has favor with it...Such are dreams and prayers.


Janine said…
Deirdra how exciting for you! Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Congrats to you! ♥
Your drawing of the little girl is wonderful!
Also the film I watched here of the gnomes is too cool!!

re: Florida, We lived there two times, and moved back to the 'frozen tundra' lol,
we will be moving there again now the our son and grandchildren are fine with it.
It is difficult being a long distance grand-mother :-(
I love the SW part of the state the best.. so that is where we will be moving "IF" our home sells?
It is all in God's hands now.
Hugs, Darlene
Heather said…
wow, this really looks fantastic! I'm slowly working on my own little story to illustrate. I'm thinking of just putting it out on my own though. I cant wait to hear about your publishing adventures! I'd love to hear what all you learn!~
Anonymous said…
to let you know I just signed up at the Ning site Doll Town. I don't know why I did not see that earlier?

Re..Fl. so nice to hear you nearly grew up there. We will be looking near ft. myers. We lived there formerly*
I am so excited for you about your book. your illustrations are wonderful!
You certainly have your own style!
I love it Deirdra..
God bless you my dear friend..
Keep me informed. ♥
Rusted Wings said…
looks like you're making great progress deidra!
i hope soon to finish a book i've been working on, and appreciate learning from your process.
the little film you posted on nissen/ that a book that can be purchased and what is the title & author? the illustrations are charming!

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