Happy St. Brigid Day!

This is a drawing I did for our Celtic Video I filmed of my husband music. It is a DVD called "A Celtic Pilgrimage"
You can see a little clip on the post before this. I made myself a pilgrim which I was while filming in Ireland.

Today is St. Brigid's Day and I wanted to share a great book written by my friend Cindy Thompson who has helped me with my children's book. The book is called "Brigid of Ireland"

Please go to her post to learn about her by clicking here. You can also to read about the origins of St. Brigid Day. It is so interesting.


Micki said…
Well, you know I love it.
bockel24 said…
Thanks for your blog comment about your trip to Germany and your husband´s tour - I´ve just been to his site and have listened to an MP3 and liked it very much! Unfortunately I´m in Northern Germany, and it seems that he´s only in the south, about seven hours away from me ... what a pity! If he´ll ever come to M√ľnster, please let me know :-)
Oh, I love Ireland. I go there every year!!!! Great post!!
I just found your site and oh do i love your art,'specially the frieda doll.My mother's name is Brid [sadly no longer with us] and she always had a st brigid cross made for the saint's day.I have not seen one in years,and i'm absolutly delighted as my sister has found a young boy who makes them,and am awaiting delivery!! Leaving now to check your etsy

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