Love Being a Girl making Dolls& Girls Faces

I love being a Girl!

I put up a photo of me on my facebook that I took on Christmas Eve when I was out to eat. I like to take photo's of myself as I don't always get from others how I see my self. It was so fun to wear heels and really dress up. It is not often I wear heels.

These heels are so comfortable. I think because the balls are padded.
Any one have idea's on how to buy or pick comfortable Heel??

I love to make dolls and paint girls...
I guess chimps love dolls to.

As a little girl I was a Tomboy and a girlie girl...I loved dolls and dressed my poor cats. But I wanted a train and trucks too. I was also a cowgirl with a horse...I was blessed in that way.

Girl Chimps play with "dolls" too

  • Some young female chimps treat sticks like dolls, handling them in a manner that evokes maternal play.
  • The study presents the first evidence of an animal species in the wild in which object play differs between males and females.
  • Scientists now think there is a biological basis behind toy choices among all primates, including humans.


Very interesting, guess it's not just marketing after all :) I love being a girl and making dolls too!!

Oh, and I don't think it's possible to find comfortable heels. Even if they start out that way, give them a few hours!
Deirdra Doan said…
My friend wrote on facebook about the photo

"Nice mirror shot! It's a movement! Still, lovely photo avec les pearls.
Lee Cantelon
Diane said…
What an interesting fact--yes, it's fun being a girl!
Rebecca said…
I love being a girl. I love wearing heels (if the shoe fits well) and running in them too (especially if I'm wearing a skirt):)
I wasn't much for dolls when I was young (my mother collected antique ones and we were always on the hunt at charity stores) but, I loved my stuffed Curious George and bears salvaged from sides of highways and alley trashcans.
And now, I make clay art dolls (girls, of course).
I love being a girl. My only daughter, Charlotte (6 years old) loves being a girl too. We have to stick together in a house with 4 boys!
Julie said…
There are so many nights out when I wish I had taken a picture to memorialize it. You look beautiful. I love your dolls too. : ) xx
Sarah said…
Thanks Deirdra! Love this post too! I didn't know that about monkeys. It is so sweet! Oh and you look good! Great heels!
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