Harp Guitars Under the Stars...CD cover making...

I have been working on a new CD cover. My husband and his friend Muriel have been recording a new Harp Guitar Duet CD.
She painted a painting from a photo I took of them silhouetted in the window. She added the starry night.
She did a great job!!! Check out her web click here

I took her painting and changed it in Photo Shop by adding the real "Starry Night" Van Gogh painting. And it is in the public domain so there is no copyright on it!! Cool!!!

I like this one too...in pinks and blacks..I could have fun with this one too!

Earlier in the morning I had the opportunity to work on our friend Harald's new CD cover. Not sure if he is going to use it though. But it is so nice to give first when you are in a place that you need help too. I was not sure what to do with the CD cover for my husband. I was a little stressed and then I got this email from Harald asking for help with his CD...how wonderful!! Harald's Web..click


Healing Woman said…
What a fabulous CD cover! To think you created it from the silhouette.

Deirdra, I'd love for you and John come here and stay sometime but my life is so hectic right now! Let's keep it on the back burner though.
Janine said…
Deirdra, so good to see you back here! I love what you did with the van! I love the CD cover!
Unknown said…
It is beautiful, dear Deidra!!!!
Brad Hoyt said…
Very nice Deirdra! I'm looking forward to hearing this CD.

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