New Doll Klimt

I have been learning how to paint faces in new ways. I took a class with Suzi Blu...her Petite Doll class on line and I just bought a wonderful book "Painting Faces: a Source book for Doll-Makers by Suzi McMahon". I am having so much fun.
I have so much to share with you from my 2 week trip back East. It you want a sneak peek you can look at my photo's on my flicker site. It is taking a while to download all the photo' all. I will be posting more this week and putting up dolls on my etsy account for sale.
Happy Summer Love...


I love love love LOVE that Klimt doll in progress!!! She's as photogenic as she is beautiful in person!
Sherry said…
New styles, new ways of doing things...keep everything we do "fresh". Love seeing your works in progress...
Reenie Hanlin said…
Oh Deirdra, she is just gorgeous!
Can't wait to see her finished!

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