Hi, I have been so so busy. I am working on getting my art studio finished with real walls and all. So running around getting a gas wood stove, wall board, etc. Then I started to talk oil painting classes with Jennifer Diehl. Was whirling from the children's book conference. Plan to take a break from my book illustrations and finished clearing out the basement of 20 years of old stuff. I bought a little green house for the deck to use to be warm and out of the wind to work on art or what ever. And am selling my dodge camper and getting a better mileage mini van and a little camper for my Toyota. The crazy gas! Finally working with my husband on his music career. And then having amazing inner healing stuff with my new Homeopathy remedy. Old stuff in my sub conscious from a Baby! Wow. When my studio gets done I will be a painting away with all my new found freedom! Already taking from Jennifer was so different. I really enjoyed painting, all the perfectionism was gone and I was having so much fun!!!!

So anyway I post a little cat painting I did last summer in Austria. It was so fun and it is kinda me right now.......


Anonymous said…
Could you share your Homeopathy secret ? Sounds like just what I need.

Anonymous said…
You have the most incredible energy to acomplish so much. Hope to see you some time soon.

I love the sweet kitty in your picture.
Love, Carol

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