It's Christmas season!!!

We just went out and did our first show of the season. Had to drive through the snow to get home. It was such a wonderful time. People are so blessed by my husbands warm and loving show about when we entertained ourselves and family at home with music. We didn't watch others on TV but did Art our selves. I painted a primitive of the show years ago and won 2nd place in Painting at the "Something Red" show.

This show was on our public TV in Oregon. In fact 2 different TV specials were made from it.
I added figures from all the shows and the show live.

When I painted this with 40 figures I had a chance to add lots of personal things. I put the clock at 7 pm because that is when Santa came through the door at our home on Christmas Eve when all the cousins and Aunt and Uncles gathered at Grandpa's house to pass out presents. I lived there so it was my house too.

Also I painted my son blowing the horn into the ear of Mary and baby Jesus just as a 4 year old boy of course would. I painted various friends and myself into the painting in the audience. What a fun piece of Art.

You can hear my husbands music on his or myspace site listed in the "My Favorite Sites". He has a wonderful Christmas CD called "Wrapped in White" too.

May it Bless you and speak "Merry Christmas" from me to you!!!


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