Viking Woman Visitor

and in cold winternights whispering

Aurora Boralis dances by

- this is where my limbs long to try

a midnight waltz across the sky


where the ancient nature is still pure at heart

- this is where my passion paints its pale blue art




link to her beautiful blog and art....

my friend Janne visited me on Easter on her way back home to Norway..we met at ArtFest...two artistic hearts enjoying the beauty of blue....

Hope you enjoyed her dreamy art...she makes art for large vessels that go to sea..and luscious costumes for the theater on the little island she lives on in Norway...she dwells in a magical watery land..........


Love your comfy home, Deirdra! Cheers, Julie
Thanks, Deirdra. I didn't even notice you taking those pictures :-)And thank you so much for letting me into your world, both artistically and into your home. I am so inspired I can't wait to get home to start creatig again, integrating all the new stuff I've learnt and seen and heard.
And thank you John for the lovely concert!

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