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"We don't wait for Lovers...
Romance your self....
love yourself and then others will love you too"
on the Artist dates...
suzi blu
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While in California a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking Miss Suzi Blu to eat at the Old Mexican Calf in Old Town San is such an amazing restaurant..they hand grind and make the corn tortillas. I just love it and make a bee line there the second I get in town. Suzi loved it too...taking a Jersey girl to a Mexican restaurant was a hoot...

We had so much fun catching up. We picked up her boxes at the post office ...she mailed all her worldly goods through the US mail...lucky for me my rented car was big enough. Then we bought her new California cloths at the Drug store who seriously had the best skirts and tops from India...We laughed so hard. Suzi is the best in person!!! A Good and true friend. Now she is doing her great Vlogs of artist empowerment......please go catch up on her Suzi 365 video's..they are encouraging me so much.
We tried to have someone take our photo but the guy was foreign and didn't understand what two artists were asking him to do...I didn't show my camera I I just took this myself...(I don't have a bump on my cheek like that but weird sun shadow on a mole I didn't even know I had..oh that tricky California Sun!)

SUZI 365 Day Two

What do yOu do when someone Poo poos on your parade?

My response.

"Dear Suzi....

Yes the baby step time of art is very fragile. It is important to have a game plan to protect your little innocent beginning...loving your self and protecting your self from the bullies...
Like others I had 3 major setbacks in my life of being an Artist...I guess that is why it has taken so long to realize the truth of my art and believing in me. Childhood....teachers saying to parents...your child is very something with that gift. But my parents looked at the report card and said....eeks you can't spell...or read or do math...bla bla honor...and so I didn't honor my gift either and went into self loathing...and later not getting Artists and their hearts. I rather was fascinated by musicians...who looked at the heart..created magical places to dream in and seemed less visual ie critical and more willing to look at the deep heart. I have been in the process over the past 2 years to come into full self Acceptance of my self and my Art. And in turn falling in love with the Artist gift in others. . school....teachers who asked me what the heck is wrong with you why are you here if you don't know anything about perspective...and jerk NY critics coming to judge our art shows asking questions like you know this artist and do you know that artist??...with a few beers under his belt...and finally why don't you just go have babies and forget this big boy Art world saying to me you don't know what you are doing........... And finally a series of male teachers after college when I was trying to do plein air landscapes in oil who knew how to paint but didn't know how to teach or nurture the artists...It took women artists to really help me....finally learned after 10 years of off and on practice.... (by the way my friend had wonderful nurturing male art teachers at her college Western Oregon State I also had a few great ones... it just takes a few jerks to hurt a sensitive young girl who is in process) But thanks be to God my Spirit keep reaching out and success has come and love from this new wonderful Mixed Media community has won the day.... and Suzi you were a big part of the opening for me...of self acceptance of my ARTIST way! You were at the beginning 2 years ago and you are still there...Blessing and encouraging and believing....Love you so much dear girl! Great vlog Suzi!!! You are the next generation "Artist Way".leader ......not a book but a Suzi Artist Empowerment Vlogs!" Deirdra


Cat said…
It sounds like you had a good time and Suzi is certainly beauiful and one of a kind.
Hi Deirdra, I just revisited your blog and was hoping you would please visit my blog too. Also, leave a comment on my Mother's Day Give-Away Post to have a chance to win my book.



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Tina said…
hey deirdra

wow the past few weeks seem like a whirlwind of art and friendship. Lucky girl. I see you are teaching at art and soul...I will be there too and staying with lulu...will you be taking any classes? hope to see you there.

take care.

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