Friends ar ArtFest..and Martha Browns Cuff

Happy me in my beautiful cuff...reminds me of the sea!
A funny thing happened at ArtFest....I won this wonderful cuff from Martha Brown through the One World One Heart giveaway. One night while in my room at my hotel room I noticed a major drip coming down....I thought lets see who is up bove me and what is happening in the room. I was greeted by Martha Brown! She was in the room above me and the radiator was leaking....Yeah for me I got to meet Martha and Ruth Rae and all their friends and the wonderful different parties they had. What a fun watery experience for me since the theme was Sea Monsters!! I am taking a class Ruth at ArtFiberFest so it was very special for me to meet her and Martha. I am wearing the cuff today...I love it so much.Thank you so much Martha!!!
Martha Brown

Ruth Rae, Martha Brown and the girls upstairs!
A wonderful surprise friend I meet at Artfest the last Day...a amazing artist from Norway

Janne Robberstad

please go visit her wonderful web with amazing photo's that she does for the Large Working Ships of Norway and her beautiful costumes she makes for the theater.
(Lulu dear lent me this photo...)

I meet so many wonderful Artists...will post more later and some of my work...


Maija said…
How wonderful! I also have a Martha cuff! I love Martha and Ruth- they are 2 of my favorite people! I also spy Heather Blum in one of the phots- she is an absolute doll! There are so many amazing people at ArtFest!
Sherry said…
Serendipity!! I love this, that you won the cuff and then who was "dripping" on you but Martha..well her radiator!! lol!! And the cuff is so beautiful..the colours are wonderful!
LK said…
It was so nice to meet you! :> Thank you for taking my class!
martha brown said…
It was so wonderful to meet you too -- I'm sorry that I was so sleepy -- I was on east coast time and having a hard time adjusting (I'm definitely not a night owl!)ArtFest is such a great experience -- I hope that I get to go again next year :)

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