Art and Doll girls Day out!

A magical day on Sat....Lulu and I celebrated her Birthday with Art........
The first part of the Day was spent with Nancy Black Bird Farms..her historic apple farm in Portland.
photo by Lulu
Nancy is a lover of and maker of Dolls, Quilts and jewelry.
She was so cute this little kitten we had to see what made her so heavy and lovable to hold. She is stuffed with scraps of fabric.
Nancy's Doll collection of both her own dolls and her favorite Doll artists.
photo by Lulu
Nancy was the most gracious her amazing art studio!
She made lamps out of all kinds of darling things.
photo by Lulu
and her own special pin cushions.
Lulu and Nancy discussing the fine art of doll making. Lulu shows off her special Green doll.
Nancy practiced her eye painting on dollies little belly!
My fairy favorite!

Nancy's bunny.
Nancy's dogs brought endless fun.

and her lovely horses.

Original 1928 home

Next we went to Lulu's to see her daughter off to her Senior Prom........
Beautiful Mother and Beautiful daughter

then next part of our adventure....we went to SE Portland to see Jesse Reno's studio. Click here to see an amazing video of his Art!
photo by Lulu
I am over whelmed....
He reminds me of my days in art school when as a senior I painted large canvas's like this in an abstract expressionist style...I look forward to working large again once I am settled into my studio....but my dolls are on my heart now and my children's book.

photo from Jesse

I carried this painting around for a while...the face is so amazing and person.
photo from Lana
The big surprise was meeting Lana...a fashion artist and Art doll maker...Her dolls were so creative and wild...

photo from Lana

photo from Lana
When I look up clicking on the photo...I think my eyes are blurred ...the double eyes...yeeks...and dental plaster teeth!!!
Then we asked were we might eat...and the best thing happened!!
Lana and Jesse suggested a nearby Mexican restaurant, which turned out to be La Calaca Comelona. Lulu had been wanting to try that restaurant..and happy happy we found it.
photo by Lulu

photo by Lulu

The end of the day was filled with the most unique food...and wonderful converstion about our lovely day and artful dreams....If you want to see more photo's please go see Lulu by clicking here


What a great tour you took, Deirdra! Thanks for sharing all those pix of these artists & their work. Cheers, Julie
Janine said…
Deirdra, how fun and what a wonderful time you had! Thanks for sharing...I love that you do!
Mo'a said…
Lucky you to have so many artists living close to you. It is fun to share an artful day with kindred spirits.
Love your photos and description of your day.
Pretty Things said…
Awesome blog entry!

I love the quilted cats! And the painting you carried around for a while -- I love it, too.
Mrs Pretzel said…
ahhhh I wish I hadn't had to MISS this!! I really wanted to make it. Danged WORK. Such a great time!! I can tell!!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful post! I loved all the pictures and descriptions! I wish I could find some local doll artists here to meet up with! sigh.... ; )
Nemo said…
Hi Deirdra: I´m Nacho G√≥mez, the "Blogsavers´" creator. Thanks a lot for your kind comment.
I´m astonished. I love your husband´s work several years ago, since I listened "Eire, Island of Saints"
Casually, two days ago I was listening live another harpguitar player, John McKee, here in Madrid.
Your blog is fantastic, too: charming dolls, nice voice, and thanks for let me know the Jesse Reno´s paintings, great!
Please, check out my another blog
I´m sure you´ll enjoy.
Nice to meet you.
Janne said…
Since I got to know you, I have looked at dolls differently, seeing the different personalities pop out. Thanks for introducing me to yet another area of art. those double-eyed ones are creepy-cool!
Jo James said…
What fun!
Next time make it a beach trip and come see me in Lincoln City :)

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