I this past week I have been living in the romance of Shakespeare and the dreamy life of the Tudors each night on our theater screen....while by day making my Juliet doll.

I even made a little lute for her to sing a pretty May song on....the rosette in the sound hole of lute's was made out of parchment I used a little piece of cloth lace.

See the old parchment paper cut out in the sound hole of the Lute....

My husband got this amazing old lute...maybe from the 16oo's? So lovely...along with my old Fortuny fabric scraps that I hope to make pillows from someday...I love the silks and metallic stencils he used...Fortuny was a designer who live in favorite city next to Bath England in the world...


Sarah said…
Juliet is beautiful Deirdra! I love the colours you have chosen for her dress. The Tudors is a great series isn't it?
Janine said…
Oh Deirdra, she is absolutely beautiful! Well done!
Sherry Goodloe said…
Gorgeous . . . absolutely GORGEOUS! And the lute was a nice addition to your doll *smiles*
Cindy Thomson said…
So beautiful, Deirdra. I love the romantic feel.
spindelmaker said…
How lovely she is! Her colors and her expression is wonderful. You really did capture the essence of romance. And Fortuny! Thanks for sending me the link, I just glanced at it, I still have work to do, but it looks amazing! Do they still sell fabrics? Or is it just vintage?
Juliet and here Lute are just lovely..
and very romantic!
my tiny studio said…
Wow !! Juliet is perfect . The colors, the fabric , the jewelry, the lute and the little dimples on her beautiful face are just perfect . The amount of loving detail that you put to your art it is just stunning. I just love her :).
You do amazing art work .
Oh, I love what you did with this beautiful girl.

See, I told you I'd post a self portrait !!! Actually I needed a photo for the museum folks so got this one before leaving for the day job.....all nice an tidy but by days end I'm pretty frazzled......I remember a time when it was all the make-up and come-hump-me-pumps.....not any more.....I've liberated myself !!!

Been working on dolls this week. Refining hands and feet. Oh, and a friend gave me a treasure trove of vintage lace and buttons....I'll post a photo. My dolls are gonna love the glitz!

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy seeing your friendly comments.
This doll is now my absolute FAVORITE, Deirdra! GREAT job! Absolutely LOVE her! Cheers, Julie
natasha said…
the lute is so gorgeous, it literally could stand on its own. lovely. the doll is wonderful!

btw, i forwarded the link to your hubby's site to some of my music geek friends and family and they were as blown away as i was!
Maija said…
She is so beautiful, Deirdra!!! I just love her!

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