"PRINCESS BUG DOLL" has a boyfriend and she is so so in Love!!!and here he is....."PRINCE BUG DUDE"!
he is swinging on the chandelier hoping she gets home soon....they have never met as she is away at Hotel Stampington Studio's in Laguna Beach California...primping for her fashion photo shoot! She will be in the Winter issue of Art Doll Quarterly.
He really can't wait and is acting out all over the place at my house.....Boys!

she is patiently waiting her turn...of course she is a princess and has little butterflies to tell her secretes about her lover...she is so a princess waiting to be presented to her Prince charming....
it is going to be so fun to make dolls together and stay at Reed college campus in Portland Oregon...just like summer camp but all about Art and fibers!!!

Class description
"Summer is a great time to come and dance through the flowers with me and this Sweet little "Princess Bug Doll".

In this class we will be making an easy and fun little fabric and paperclay doll. The combination of sculpting, painting, and sewing opens up endless possibilities for you to take with you when you leave this class. "

Last Saturday I taught a class at my studio to get ready for the Artfiberfest class in June.

I learned so much...I have been in my studio all week getting the class ready for June...I had to do a little of the sewing as the class really takes more like 2 days to complete a doll....I want everyone to have their doll ready for Sat. nights at Artfiberfest show and tell.

food dryer works great for drying dolls and big hair!!!
Lulu got cold so I gave her my old fur coat to were...she is so elegant in her red shoes!
serious sewing...
making butterflies...
which eye do I choose? Getting ready for face painting demo...
serious costuming design going on...
yep...almost over....
pretty fairly doll...with her arms and legs pined on for a photo shoot...

I think Princess Bug Doll might be jealous when she sees this photo!
I painted the eyes on my students doll...she wanted them just right and she was tired..because .......
she went out of control.....students went hog wild as hair dressers...there will be none of that at Artfiberfest....we have to do simple hair like I did on Princess bug doll and Prince Bug Dude...then we can finish our dolls...this is for home doll making hair only....I REALLY want my students to be successful and finish there dolls... they will be so happy at show and tell!
my friend Dale....
this little cutie is going to be a present for her daughters hang on the wall and admire!
Lulu, Robin, and Dale....Gay left early...
I hope I see you in June at


Janine said…
Congratulations Deirdra! Looks like a lot of fun!
Sherry said…
I had so much fun scrolling down and looking at these photographs...the dolls are amazing...bright,colourful...the prince and princess are divine...and the ones your students made in class are excellent!! So much talent!!
Mo'a said…
It was a good idea doing a small class before Fiber Fest.
It is fun looking at all the photos from the class.
I love the look of your studio.
martha brown said…
Your class looks wonderful! I wish that I could come to ArtFiberfest!!! maybe someday......
Great class you gave, D.! Prince Bug Dude is HOT! He reminds me of Circue du Soleil! :) Cheers, Julie
spindelmaker said…
Oh, I wish I could have joined your class, Deirdra! This looks so fun! All the great photos from the class you gave, it is such an inspiration. Your dolls are both so lovely and vibrant in their colors.
By the way, you might want to warn you Princess Bug Doll. Because as Prince Charming says in "Into the woods" (the musical): "I was brought up to be charming, not sincere!"
Have fun in the rest of your preparations, Deirdra. What did Robin use in her dolls skirt? It looks like a real tutu.
Such cute pics of the class, Deirdra! I love seeing how the other dolls turned out. Such a fun day - let's do it again! (p.s. I posted my dollie tonight so you can see.)
:D lulu
Lovin' Princess Bug Doll!
Queen of Arts said…
Hi Deidra
Ty and I loved your video of Bug Dude....We are looking forward to
your class at Fiberfest in Portland.
See you then!
Ty and Marcia Schultz

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