Mail from Viking land!

on this happy May Day...I received a package from Viking land....
oh so ancient and so friend from Norway made all these beautiful things and sent them to me...Janne lives on an island called Bomlo in Norway that is just above is so wonderful to receive packages of love....and Viking treasure. Her blog is a treasure please visit her by clicking here.
Hope you had a happy May Day...we sat in clover under the sun looking at a new Crabapple tree blooming for the first time in our yard to celebrate!


spindelmaker said…
Thanks for the kind words you write about me. You have been so helpful. Yes, the stamps are fun-foam stamps. I use acrylic for paper and fabric paint for textiles. Sometimes, I mix them for special effects. Like if I want a metallic print on fabric, I will mix the fabric paint with say, gold acrylic. You should try making one. It take a couple of hours to make, but they last a looooong time :-)
Janine said…
Deirdra in the clover! That was fun thanks for sharing. I visited your friends site and it looks interesting. I bookmarked it!

Thanks again for sharing!
Sherry Goodloe said…
I love that card (?) at the top of the photo with the woman's face! Was that created with a stencil?

Gotta go check out her blog now. Have a blessed and wonderfully creative weekend!
Happy May Day !!!!!!!

I'm hovering over those roses, counting each and every bud......ah the anticipation.

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