Make a Domino charm.

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As you know I am a big fan of Suzi Blu's video vlogs....I made this video for Suzi Blu last year through an email video called TokBox. I thought I would share it with you as I explained how I made a little Charm. I scanned the painting and shrunk it down and printed a page of them that fit the domino. Then I glued with golden gel medium the picture on the domino. Next I took Golden fluid Acrylic in Light Gold metallic and painted the back ground and necklace. To finish I used diamond glaze to seal and give a shinny look on the painting. I drilled a little hole in the top. Then I took a flat bead and a gold tiny eye hook that I screwed in to the drilled hole. I am looking forward to posting more video's soon...just warming up!


Janine said…
Well darn Deirdra, it doesn't seem to want to play. A little circle in the center just keeps going round. I would love to see your charm and how you made it!
Sherry said…
Cool was so much fun to hear you speaking!

I love The Queen of Sheba...she's amazing and the charm must have made Suzi VERY happy!

That's for the make it sound easy - that's what I like..something that is easy to do!
Melih Onvural said…
Just wanted to let you know that we've fixed the video player so that it will play consistently all of the time. We apologize about the problem, and please do let us know if you see any unusual behavior.

Melih Onvural

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