Yummy Nutritious soups...sprouted lentils..

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I have been making low carb Nutritious foods...for my new little self..lost 10 lbs since my weight of last Sept..5 lbs if you count last spring..and 15 or more if you count the weight I put on in Europe and Christmas...had to stop somewhere!!

 Love the HCG lose the wrong bad fat plan..you keep the good fat and now I am on the staying stable part Phase 4....no more of this silly gaining weight in Euro..and I am having so much eating so much food..wow...
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When I was raw I ate so much too..but was eating and starving eating wrong and that is why I couldn't stay down when I quit the raw food..and had to eat so little. But now I know more about what to eat how to eat and how to love myself!!

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Julie said…
You look gorgeous! Good for you..I am going back to read the plan. I have 10 pounds of baby weight that is sticking to me like glue! xx
ostrich girl said…
Wow! You look hot!!!! Does it count as baby weight if it's been four years since your last baby? Can I count it if he is baby number five? hahaha Okay well I have 30 I need to get off! Maybe I will have some of it gone before you get here!!!!! Can't wait! : )
ostrich girl said…
Hey Does it count as baby weight if it's been four years since your last baby? Can it count if he was number five? I think I am heavier now than when I delivered him hahahahaha!I have 30 that I want off! Maybe I can lose some before you get here! I can't wait! :)

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