Celtic John Doan and Happy St. Patricks Day!

Happy St. Particks Day by Celtic loving friends.
In honor I have a segment of a DVD called "Celtic Pilgrimage" with John Doan that I filmed.

Here he is in the land of King Arthur and Ireland. Click and to See the DVD segment!!!.

Here I am 8 yrs ago or so...while I was filming.

I think this is the town where the "Queit Man" was filmed.
You can buy the DVD on my husbands web at his shop..great present!

We filmed segment on St. Jo  in the Vale of Avalon at the famous Glastonbury Tor and at Chalice Hill.
This is were the Holy Grail was brought and the story and music on the Video tells the story.

Also a wild story of how the Jews came to ancient Celtic lands and why they are so Holy...if your interested you can go to this link .
Ireland was called the Land of the Saints and was saved because the people knew it was Holy and didn't want to sack it..until the Vikings came along and didn't care...
And another story link about Glastonbury Thorn, said to have flowered on Wearyall Hill.

We had so much fun making this DVD and running around filming it. Even going out to sea to film Skellig Michael.
and more about Ireland scared sites..click here.
Happy Happy St. Patty's Day!
and another segment..I have posted before..but maybe you are new to my blog...so here you go..


Janine said…
I have to laugh at myself...I assumed John had an Irish accent. Love the video and the photos! Thank you for sharing!
Theresa said…
Happy St.Patrick's Day! The harp guitar is so beautiful! I listened to a lot of Irish music today John's is beautiful. I have to pass this onto my brother who plays guitar and banjo. Since we are half Irish. He will enjoy this! It's great to have music in the house, such a blessing. My husband plays guitar,piano and drums. My daughter is learning piano. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have or had a lovely evening!
Janine said…
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Micki said…
What a great post about Ireland. I live in Donegal County. We visited the town where the Quiet Man was filmed...it is so neat!

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