Nikki Doll Finished

 It is so amazing to see this little guy in 3 dimension after 7 years of working on the story and the illustrations.
 It is becoming very very real and after all the hard work I finally can feel the joy.
 When I started this project I couldn't even write a story. I thought it would be fun to illustrate a children's book. Like a child I had no idea what I was getting into or what I desired.

I prayed for a story and a year later this story came to me in a outline..What a moment of answered prayer.
But the flushing out of the story was next.
Writing is not easy..I can write a poem or a little blog but it is another thing to have a story that will stand up to publishers! My husband and several author friends have helped me to complete the story and the editing! I am truly thankful for all their love and help.
When the story of Nikki was finally finished I feel so in love with him I didn't have any desire to illustrate the book. I started the process of sending it to publishers. But I realize quickly that this was a hard task.  I new that I would need to illustrate it to have a chance to get it published. But it was overwelming to me. For one thing I didn't have the training and it was a daunting project. But a friends encouraged me to try. It was very very hard for didn't come easy to learn something that was above my level at the time. I took a 2 1/2 month class weekly driving an hour to get there.

With the hardest parts for me now finished it is becoming so much fun! It is so special to use my new skills in photo shop to put even more  finishing touches on the illustrations.

I have finally come to the stage to find a publisher... ....the next part of this long journey of Faith!

I have little Nikki doll to keep me company and urge me on to complete this task. It has been very special to look into the faces of the little children who pass me by and think about how they will be blessed by this story. 
I really don't have words to explain all the parts of my heart ...I don't think I really know what it all means but the unfolding of Gods answer to the little prayer so long ago will write the rest of my story....


Janet Ghio said…
Nikki is adorable and congratulations on the publishing of your book!
Theresa said…
Your Nikki doll is beautiful. Yes, the next step may be hard but you have had great help along the way so I can image that will help things along. What class did you take to help you? Just wondering. Hope you have a wonderful week! Best wishes for your new Nikki in print! Theresa
Janine said…
Deirdra, she is wonderful!
Rusted Wings said…
what a little sprite nikki is! and what a great 'door opener' idea!! wishing you powerful connections deirdra!!

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