Happy Summer Days Doll Visits!

Sharyn and Deirdra's summer trade dolls
organized by Nancy Williams Dolls go check out her wonderful group and classes.

I had the joy of doing a doll trade this summer and visiting some of my new doll making blog friends while I was in Bucks County PA this summer.
Michelle, Deirdra and Sharyn Dolls

Marie Patterson and I
Here doll was so pretty in person. Dolls just shine in all their real glory!

Sharyn and I holding our new dolls
I love my new doll that Sharyn made...such a cutie.. Thank you Sharyn!


Sherry said…
These dolls are simply beautiful! And I love that you were able to visit and swap dolls in person...so much more "civilized"!!! lol!! :)
Hi Deirdra,
The pictures turned out great! Thanks for blogging about my doll! She is now on her way traveling to Art Doll Quarterly!
Amy said…
How wonderful! You are so lucky to get a chance to meet and share with such talented women.
Flora said…
AHHH there is the lovely Marie!!!
What fun y'all must have had!!!
Janine said…
Deirdra, those dolls are really wonderful! How fun!
spindelmaker said…
Such lovely dolls! It´s fun to see how their personalities are so different.
Sarah said…
This looks like a lot of fun-the dolls are lovely and it must have been good to meet fellow doll makers.
Diane Rooney said…
Just beautiful and how special to share like that. Inspirational! x

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