A gift of Art....8 year old girl

Have you seen this painting of ..."The Prince of Peace"?
Akiane painted it when she was 8 years old! and it is the size of a wall....Check out her amazing story...click here talk about beauty and honoring of a woman (young girl) with a gift of Art like this!!!


Julie said…
I love your post.... I can't believe that amazing artist is 8 years old! I hope you are well. : ) xx
Anonymous said…
Hi Deidra, I am wondering about God again in this season of my life. It is not fair to always call "Him" a "He" and to only show us Jezus and male exceptional men. I don't understand your language: woman -women, man-men, and humans-men ! Therefor I am studying reading the Bible esothericly, I was a dancer and therefor I believe I know what you say. A little personal altar is perfect, no matter what you put up there...but to portray God as a man with a beard ?????? God is my heart, it has no gender !
Anyway, thank you for sharing this..It makes one think again.
Godeliva van Ariadone
Anonymous said…
I visited the website of Akiane. Jezus was off course a man and a Jew. I wish she could paint Maria Magdalena also, for she was his most intelligent and gentle and beloved disciple and she had grown up with Jezus and walked the schools of Mystic in Egypt. Jezus loved her as his wife. It is so good to learn more about her and her holy scripture,for she was there at the cross and she knew the rabbi Jezus as no one else did. That the official christian church always wanted to destroy her writings as gnostic. To just read the - selected - papers of male men - as in the bible - is alraidy against feminim spirituality and art. You don't have to be a feminist to know history. I read in many christian blogs awkward and hateful words against women or feminist wieuws. I wonder why this is in America. These blogwriters are women themselves..It my country there is no discussion like that. We have overcome that; it seems medieval to me. If anything we should teach our daughters in religion is to learn about women in history much much more and about their greatness in all disciplines of life. The subject for such a small girl is very astranging to me. You really made me think about all this, Deidra...I only try to put into words some of it, so your writing will not be un noticed...even across the Atlantic.
Have a good night
Giodeliva van Ariadone
Thank you for the honest post about Buddhism.
There is a very good book called, A Chance To Die, about Christian missionary Amy Carmichal. She saved infant and young girls and many boys from lives of utter horror at the hands of the "faithful" in India. Very good book written by Elisabeth Elliot.
(I'm trying to get the word out for this Christian site too).
Sarah said…
I am coming rather late to this it seems. Whilst I would not of course dispute China's attitude to women is and has been appalling - and in fact their overall attitude to human rights continues to be appalling (Tianemen Square, for example) I think it is somewhat simplistic to regard Buddhism as the cause of misogyny both there and in other countries - Buddha did not in fact teach that women were of less value than men, or that women should be suppressed or oppressed - but his teachings were interpreted and used by sexist cultures - just as Christianity has been.

Irish convents which took in 'fallen women' up until relatively recently were hellholes of abuse and oppression for the girls who were sent there - all in the name of Christ, of course!

Then of course there are the sexually abusive Priests we are so familiar with in the UK and Ireland.

Buddha is actually no more an idol to Buddhists than representations of Jesus are to Christians, or Hindu Gods to Hindus. I do agree that representations of Buddha have become idols in the west - a consequence of the spiritual marketplace, sadly.

Finally, not only has Christianity been interpreted in a way that is oppressive to women, it has also been used to pave the way, via missionaries (and let us not forget the Church actually supported slavery), to slavery - and through slavery to the rape and abuse of female slaves, often by people who would have seen themselves as God-fearing. Similary the Bible has been used to justify burning people at the stake, killing people for having a different religion - etc. I think when we talk about things like this it is absolutely vital to look at the whole picture and to separate out Religions as human insitutions - and thus as flawed as the people who set them up - and the ways in which human beings will adapt anything, including Christianity, to justify what they want to do from the mystery that is God.

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