Co-Creating by Akiane child artist

This is a favorite painting of mine that Akiane painted. I read an interview with her several years ago. I had not honored my gift of the ablility to paint. But when I read her words and saw the value that She and God put on the gift of artistic Talent I realized that I was blessed and needed to take my gift seriously too. I had the opportunity to meet her and tell her how much she blessed me.


Mo'a said…
She has an amazing gift and talent. The Buddha statues and art are also a manifestation of a gift...any one of the carvers and sculptors will tell you that.
I feel that one has to honor ones gift, no matter where it comes from.
A lot of our feeling about where that gift comes from is based in our nurture and upbringing...we can only relate to what we have been taught.
A wonderful and brave subject is always good to open a dialog...not everyone will agree :)
Anonymous said…
Dear Deidra, Off course I had to come back and see more of this painter. Her Talent is extraordinary and I can easily see that when you meet her, a girl, it must impress you so much. Like with talented children who play music, or dancers it is also so much about allowing them to grow their talent. That she paints from the concept of God is more evidence that the New Age children are born and that a New Era, of paranormal and devine transparancy has arrived. I pray her talent will never be corrupted and that she will grow up to be an ever beautiful and fullfilled woman.
Thank you for this special post and dvd. One can find God with eyes wide open and ears that will listen...need no projection in "uglyness" and commonness.
And Deidra, you are special too, because to packed several great toppics in these posts, that made me respond. And that, my friend, while dancers, like I was, have less words and don't speak easily. Blogging is a fine and artfull medium I have come to think should one spent some time of quality together.
Bless you
Godeliva van Ariadone
Anonymous said…
She is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this video and the Ning site for the dolls.


I have to share this with my friends!
Amy said…

What a precious gift, not just her talent, but her faith and obedience in using it. I am primarily a writer, and have struggled my whole life with giving that ability over to God. This is so inspiring and convicting. Thank you.

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