Fernando Sor Harpolyre..Symbolic Painters...PARIS!!


My favorite Museum when we went to Paris...if you are going this summer......

and near the Romantic museum in Paris is Gustave-Moreaua(click) home and gallery. He was a Symbolic painter. I really love the Symbolic painting style.

John my husband and are in a Romantic immersion right now. As he is studying Fernado Sors life. 2 years ago when we went to Paris and London we followed the footsteps of Fernado Sor....visiting places he lived and talking to scholars. John Doan has been writing and playing music of and like Fernando Sor...1830's the Father of the Classical Guitar.

I thought this was a lovely photo a friend of mine took Alexy...he used my camera but gets a completely different look than I ever do..I also think it gives you a nice view of a part of my home you haven't already seen...such a big house...dusting and vacuuming is not fun though...I rather be doing art!!


spindelmaker said…
Thanks for the tip, Deirdra! I´ll write down the name and find the address in the guidebook!
Christine said…
Ok..I don't normally use the word "divine" but I am in the case of your husband's music. It is absolutely beautiful(!)~please tell me he plays that for you every night. There is something about classical music that takes me (and most listeners) to a different place) :)
Janine said…
What beautiful art!

What beautiful music!

What a beautiful home...but I am still waiting to see that studio of yours!
Julie said…
Beautiful music, beautiful husband, beautiful home....beautiful couple.
(oh my gosh I just read Janine's post as I finished writing...I swear I think we might be related!) ; )
Meri said…
That reminds me. . . if you'll email me with your email, I'll send you some photos I took of John at Folklife. Some of them have a strong meditative quality.
Sarah said…
The museums sound great. Your husband plays so beautifully. I have not seen that instrument before-it is a wonderful thing! Your house looks lovely too!
Sara lechner said…
I have the cd and love it! now I like to see John playing it live!

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