Digitial Art! 3 Face of John Doan

(my recent art work...in the graphic world)

This is an image I just finished using my new skills from taking the Digital Collage online class...link on right side.
It was such a big task for me as John Doan's agent asked me to make an interesting "Three Faces of John Doan". You may remember me asking for help with it on an earlier post....well months and months later here it is....so if anyone has any gig contacts for 3 really GREAT shows please let me know!!


Dina said…
Great job Deirdra! You look like a pro to me ;-) I've listened to some of his music and I love all of it (Always been a fan of that type of sound). Where can I buy a cd? Thank you for all the pointers - I appreciate any advice you can give me! I'll let you know when the dog blog is up and running..it will be a really fun space for people to brag about their furry children lol
Cindy Thomson said…
That's wonderful, Deirdra! Makes me think I should have a logo with my three sides of writing: Irish history, genealogy, and baseball. I doubt it would come out as cool, though! :-)
spindelmaker said…
I really like the poster you made, you did a great job, Deirdra! You have advanced so much in such a short time in photoshop! I admire that ability, to be able to learn something new so quickly.
Hey Dedra Deirdra! I've been reading your past few postings. Your Three Faces piece turned out great! And congratulations on the Somerset publication (another one!) - You are on a roll!
:D lulu
HappyDayArt! said…
I got the Wayfarer CD! I liked listening to the other pieces of music with videos too. He has a nice face Dierdre. Thanks for the introduction to his music. Well, other than the ones you played on your laptop in Ruth Rae's room at Artfest. Catherine

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