Dancing in Seattle"s light

John and I went to Seattle's folk life festival Memorial Day weekend. We stayed with a lovely couple....as we wound our way over the bridge past the Cruise ship docks and up the hill we found our self in a most magical neighborhood...and there we stayed for 4 beautiful nights.....I never knew this part of Seattle existed...and our hostess was a wonderful chief. We ate on the deck over looking the water and the mountains with the city in the distance.


Lovely! Esp. the moss - I LOVE moss! I wish I could use some in FL for landscaping purposes... Was this a pricey area? I still need to visit WA! Cheers, Julie
Meri said…
I'm guessing Magnolia Bluff is where you were staying, judging from how the Space Needle is positioned vis a vis the downtown. Lovely shots! And yes, Julie, if you love moss, you'll love western Washington. There's a rain forest on the coast and it's easy to encourage moss to grown on stone walls here in the Seattle-Tacoma area.
Janine said…
wonderful pictures Deirdra!

looks like a mansion!
We have to meet when you guys visit, ABSOLUTLEY! :) Remember, I have problems listening to John's music from work... But if I recall correctly, he plays Irish folk music? If so, he absolutely HAS to play at Flannigan's in Dunedin! http://www.flanagansirishpub.net/ Also, do read up more on Dunedin, the city – I am sure, you’d love it: http://www.mydunedin.com/. PS. I also can’t view John’s website from work. Plant City is a tid bit far from Dunedin, but I know of a nice chain hotel nearby. Let me know! Can’t wait to meet ya! Cheers, Julie
Didn't see your email address anywhere, Deidra. But here a few more suggestions for John (I've been to all):

http://www.purplemooninc.com/, Dunedin

Four Green Fields, Tampa

http://www.skipperssmokehouse.com/, Tampa

www.macdintons.com, Tampa

obrienstampa.com, Tampa

http://www.thedublineririshpub.com/, Tampa
Anonymous said…
Oh Deirdra, I can see the lights: it tingels my soul...
Be well
ps. have you seen my funny gifts to you on my blog ? It was by association thinking, hahaha
Godeliva from Ariadone
Mo'a said…
What a beautiful area. Your photos are tell a good story.
spindelmaker said…
What a beautiful place. The trees (bushes) are magical! And how nice to see your dancing shadow.

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