This features the last page of my Great Grandmothers little book...she squeezed in a tiny drawing of herself I think...the verses are interesting for the end of a year....I tried to find some pictures of Bath and the Palmico Bay in North Carolina were she lived. I found a sunset with a I painted it with watercolor crayons & collage.
.......Lulu and I took our pictures today.....she was many came out wonderful.......but these are how I feel about my journal today!

Jumping in cold on a plain page with no real plans is new for me...and it can't all be perfect...but I don't want to spend so much time trying to make it beautiful.....this is the journal I made it acceptable but to get it that way it took longer than I care to spend on it. How are you feeling about your journals????


Anonymous said…
Hello Deirdra,

I like your Cranes.

I do Journals the old-fashioned way with pen and lined book but I don't write in it every day. I write only on a day that I'm inspired to write something really profound---some thoughts that just come "out of the blue". I always start the entry with the date, of course. :)


Hi Deirdra,

Shall we embrace the challenges for all they can teach us?

I had so much fun with you today in your wonderfully artsy home - thank you thank you thank you!!!

xoxo lulu
Anonymous said…
Aaaaahhhh. I know what you mean....
its an interesting process posting journal pages. I think perhaps i prefer the freedom of feeling like i can make a MESS, but, the discipline of a commitment to making Art everyday is really positive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here....
Anonymous said…
I can't believe you have a journal from your great grandmother! How fabulous is that??? When I "visual" journal, I just take whatever is on my table at the time and start glueing or painting with no plan at all. Sometimes the backgrounds will stay empty of words for a year and then the appropriate page meets it's meaning. Usually very serendipitously.
Anonymous said…
Hi Deirdra,

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! You have one lovely blog! I'll put it in my favorites.
Very nice artworks. And a lovely view you have, wow!

xo Karoeza
Anonymous said…
Hi again,

we now live in IJsselstein (small town near Utrecht) and we are moving to Hoofddorp (town near Haarlem / Schiphol aerport). I'm moving back to my roots ;)

i've heard John's music. It is so wonderful! I'll have to show it to my husband, he's the music addict here.
I've always been drawn by the celts, i don't know why. I recently discovered celtic christianity, just love it! So, now i'm reading the book from John O'Donohue, such a magical book.

Anonymous said…
I've never done an art journal, and don't feel prepared to jump into that so suddenly. Plus, half my artsy things are packed up for the move-that-never-happened-but-might-happen-soon. It was all I could do to make Christmas cards! But I am really enjoying seeing yours. And those photos of you are so fun!

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