JANUARY Painting A Day "Birthday Cake"

Today my painting time was spent decorating my Birthday cake. First time I have decorated a cake since my son was young. It was so fun...I made my Birthday cake Carrot cake ummm yummy favorite! I used soft pinks....and I was sung happy birthday by a few friends and family. It was wonderful...not since I was a girl have I had a cake with candles... such a wonderful day!


Anonymous said…
What a deliciously gorgeous cake! Makes me want to reach into my monitor to take a piece. ;-)

Happy Birthday!

Kate (Shibori Girl from OWOH)
Janine said…
Happy Birthday Deirdra! You painted a cake instead of a canvas! Yummmy! Lovely cake!
Anji Gallanos said…
Happy Birthday Dierdra...I hope it is wonderful.

jgr said…
Happy Birthday to you! and what a gorgeous cake!

I just saw your comment about the bleach:
I use dyes to 'paint' with- then bleach stamp with my hand-carved stamps. FUN! If you try it just be careful. The bleach can crack your stamps but it should be okay if you rinse them well. If you can open a window that helps too, it smells!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! A Shabby Chic Cake...beautiful. Pink is a fave of mine, too.
Anonymous said…
Happy belated Birthday Deirdra! I just noticed you're teaching at Art & Soul in 2009. I'm hoping & praying I can make it this year and more so now that I know you're teaching. I would love to take your class. Hope to see you there! God bless, Laura
Rusted Wings said…
Happy blessed year ahead full of new inspiration and joy to you Deirdra!!
love Abigail
Mmmmmmmm! Yummy cake, Deirdra!!! Happy, happy birthday - it was a blast! Thank you for letting me dance in your living room! ;D lulu
Rischa said…
Happy Birthday Deirdra!! I'm a January girl, too! :-)

Your cake is lovely and looks tasty. The fruit looks yummy, too. I'll have to raid my fridge after seeing your blog. lol

Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, darhling. You made a fabulous cake, and I'm wishing I could take a big bite of it. mmm.. I hope your day is everything you want it to be, and more.
juliaD said…
Happy Birthday to you Deirdra!...I see it was a happy time for you..and I love your cake...exceptionally pretty...xx
Lisa Kettell said…
Happy Belated Birthday and that cake pure elegance!

Magic and Joy!

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