JOURNAL DAY 8 self portraits GRACE GRACE

Grace Grace

The above work is from a Photo that Lulu took of me last Sunday. Painting over a photo is a easy way to learn to paint faces. Misty showed use how to do this at Art and Soul 2007. I painted on the photo with the new Golden Open Acrylics.The golden Open Acrylics stay wet longer, you can mix them with regular acrylics for fast dry time, or with the open medium to make it slower or even just use a Acrylic glazing liquid slow-Drying medium. I like the way oils dry slowly and how it gives me time to blend. So I have been playing with the Open series hoping to get more time to blend with them. They are a little gooey but I keep at it to learn what papers etc to make them work like oils. I prefer acrylic in the mix media art pieces so it is worth the experimentation's...and frustrations.

Next I cut my face out and thought about what I would collage it over. hmmmm lets see. I picked up a book I had bought that Misty mentioned in class. It is called "Mary Images of the Virgin in Art" . I found a beautiful painting that matched the colors of my portrait. I scanned it, flipped it in Photoshop to match the direction of the Virgin Mary's face, printed it on thick mat paper and used Gel medium to paste my self on.......(the mat paper absorbed the paint to fast. I think next time I might put a layer of gel medium over the print first...this would also make it so you could wipe off paint easier if you make a mistake.)

The portrait of me tells a part of my Life's Tale tale is about a Virgin Vow and the beginning of having a true Father for the first time in my Life......and a encounter with God....where I felt His presence as a loving Daddy every morning for 3 days.....and in the end came a wedding to my sweetheart!!!

I realized as this portrait came forth that the Tale I promised to tell on the post "Searching Searching" is a tale of my Spirit and not of my Soul. This blog is my Souls story...... I have wanted to start another blog were I can freely share my Spirit's story. So I will post a link to a new blog later and even a link on this post when it is up. (I might call it Grace Grace.)


Anonymous said…
Wow. This is beautiful. I love using 'Mary' references too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Anonymous said…
Just awesome! I want to know more about the Virgin Vow...a loving Father ...and a wedding??

I remember when God became my Father. I have never been the same.

Thanks for sharing...looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.
Sally L. Smith said…
Your paintings are beautifully done. I've done oils and acrylics, charcoal and watercolor but I'm MAD about mixed media. What fun! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your husband's music is so soothing and lovely.
The instrument is new to me so I was fascinated. Come visit me again some time. Sally
Sulea said…
This is beautiful and the way you did it is so cool!! Thank you for the tip about open medium will have to try that. Love the background you have done.
starseasons said…
wow! that's a beautiful self portrait.
Anonymous said…
gorgeous!!!! your work is changing and growing so much, i love it!
WOW!!! Deirdra, this is SOOOOOOOOOO beautiful! So full of your inner and outer beauty, of your loving spirit.
xoxo lulu
Janine said…
Just lovely Deirdra!!!
Anonymous said…
I also want to hear more! I am so looking forward to all that you share about yourself. Your story is as beautiful as your art.
Lydia said…
Love your self portrait. Just lovely.


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