step by step....Fall's of dolls in their underwear kicking back after a long day of hard work!


Heather said…
oh! your dolls are gorgeous! and what a lovely home :) nice to meet you! I did Jane's class as well, I was in the september session.
CraBBy GaBBy said…
They Look Like they are enjoying some classical music, perhaps a sip of wine is on the way in the meanwhile watching the embers in the fire burn away...

You are so very blessed! Your talent is amazing..and your house is gorgeous it seems.

And Yes, it is a good thing...those Martha Stewart TRees, bought them last year..they don't have them this year, at least not at my K-mart...Definitely Kmart...

I am going to be adding you to blog my dearie...happy creating..PS gotta love KLIMT!
Anonymous said…
What a pretty blog you have already. Your dolls look sweet displayed like that. =)

thank you for coming to visit me~

your dollies are just wonderful.

I love your fireplace and how you have it decorated so very pretty, your dollies look quite at home there.
I can imagine music in the air while the fire crackles and the dollies dancing on their tiny toes across the mantle.

thank you again for coming to call.
Anonymous said…
They are lovely and so beautifully displayed.
It is wonderful how many artists are loving dollmaking.
sallyt said…
Gorgeous Christmas song and lovely images -- what a talent you have! Your darling dollies here look like they are looking forward to the holidays.

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