My Dolls were so fussy about what dress they wanted to wear! (I made 3 skirts for 2 dolls, and one wanted to wear 2 skirts!!!!)

...the fussy girls were all worried about a party they were going is a little art show "Something Red" I was putting them in and they had to have red as the featured color...I don't like red much!

Well I am finished making the first of my Dolls....what fun...See the wonderful red charm on the necklace? That is by Michelle Geller. She made it for a Valentine Charm swap I was in last year. Now it is featured in such a special way....

Jane DesRosier my teacher sent me a sweet email after I sent her these photo's. She is a great artist and wonderful teacher.....

"Hi Deidra,
Your dolls are so fabulous. And I can tell you are a real doll maker because you speak as if they have a mind of their own...Isn't that funny how we get like that?"

I am going to make more dolls and hope to put up an esty site with them soon. Let me know if you are interested in a doll..

The girls are at the Art Show office...I turned them in last minute yesterday. My friend and I were rushing around her house till 3:30 finishing our art projects so we could get them in by 4 pm. After we turned our art works in we went to our favorite gift stores for their Holiday Open house's. I was in such a jidder or "I was simply shattered" as the English would say. "The Arbor" had champagne so I who normally don't drink in an effort to calm down helped my self to 2 glasses...and it went to my head...causing me to have to go to the next shop "Ma Valise" and down as many cream puffs as I could get in my mouth to calm the buzz that came on! But if I had known that the "French Unicorn" store had a full spread of food I wouldn't have had to had so many cream puffs!
I had filmed the "French Unicorn" window last Christmas and put it in my "New Christmas Music - Song" youtube video. The owner looked at the youtube video while I was there and put the music on the speakers that played in the shop....Wow my first public was so fun to hear my voice all over one of my favorite stores!!!

Now after a pause and dreaming of Music stardom...............or at least that my song blesses many people at Christmas ......I come back down to my Dolls................

Let see.......we were talking about the "Something Red" art show in Salem Ore. They have it every year and it is so has become a Christmas Tradition........

So Last Dec. I won Best of Show!!! not sure how to top that...not that I was ever trying...well maybe a little bit.......

Anyway after so many years of helping my husband John Doan with his career in Music and building our home, raising a son...I am just so happy and blessed. I seem to be just trying to get a lot going in a short time...kind of like the creative dam broke and I am rushing down the stream paint brush in hand........

So please hope with me these sweet fussy little girls charm the judges socks off this year too...and that they sell....this years goal is to start selling my art...I want to help pay for my studio and sweet husband has been paying the bills and now it is time for my work to pay for it's self...... the way these Girls have sure Charmed me too!!!!


Jacky said…
Deirdra your dolls are stunning...I am sure they will do well at the art show and also in your etsy shop!
I love the touch of red, and those fabrics you chose are beautiful.
How lucky were you to visit Vienna and see some of Klimt's work!!! I was only watching a documentary on his art in Vienna yesterday.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog, it has been a pleasure to visit yours and I am sure I will be back again soon.
Hello again Deirdra-LOVE your dolls, they are fabulous!!! I've got you on my fav list and the fav list at Faith Folk.
Dixie Redmond said…
Your dolls are beautiful. They have an innocent air about them. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I just bought 2 Phil Keaggy CD's today to play while I create.

I never knew there was such a thing as a three-necked guitar. I can only imagine how hard it is to keep in tune! (I used to lead the worship band at my church).

Hey Deirdra! I am in the Cloth & Clay workshop with you. When the pictures of your dolls were posted, I checked everyone's comments to see if I could locate who made them by going to everyone's blogs. After 20 blogs, I finally found you! The dolls are just incredible. Everyone is doing such a great job in the class. The class really motivates me to spend time on my projects. I hope we can all stay connected after the class. I will add you to my favorites.
Deirdra Doan said…
This is an email from a Fashion Photographer friend in Paris... so sweet...

hello Deirdra,
it's always a leasure to have news from john and you.
I have take a look to your blog that one is really intersting !
i have made one also: http://isshogai. blogspot. com
it's write in french but their is a lot of pictures i think you could like it !
and on some article there is pics of my 2 daughters ^^

For the contest tank you i think i will try it !
and if i win i'll let you know asap ^^

your christmans song give sun in the heart..

have a nice day

your friend

Anonymous said…
Deirdra, they are beautiful! beautiful, beautiful.
and very charming... i don't think you have much to worry about...your heart is in all that you do.
Anonymous said…
Your dolls are beautiful, you have given them life. Amazing, Wonderful.

Carolyn said…
Oh my goodness. Your dolls are great! Very classic looking. You did an excellent job. Thank you for your comments on my blog.
m i c h e l l e said…
Dear Deirdra...

Your dolls are exquisite and what an honor that you used a charm of mine in your artwork! Thank you! Best of luck (not that you need it!) in the art show! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you knock their socks off!!! :-)
Janine said…
OMG! Dierdra, I thought those dolls with the animals might be yours!!!

You live in Oregon I live in Washington...hello neighbor! Is that your painting...your icon that is is that your painting? If so I am impressed you are very talented!

Now, how do I listen to that song?

Janine said…
Dierdra, this is a silly question but how do I tell my friend how to find my blog?
Diane Rooney said…
Oh Deirdra, I love your girls. Truly love them. I'm inspired to get mine finished. I've been struggling with a few things and not been well this week. But definitely going to have a little play next week. And I've just added your blog to my list... I love your're so wonderfully inspirational to me! Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog! x
Hi Deidra - I thought I had already left a message here, but don't see it, so I'll say it again: Your dolls are GORGEOUS!!! I'd love to see how you did them.
;-) lulu
Rischa said…
Deirdra, your dolly turned out SO beautiful! Good idea to put the two dresses on her! Love that!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed looking at yours. I'm going to add you to my blog's list, if that's okay?

I'm sorry I needed to close the Yahoo group I opened for us. If it didn't sit right with Jane I didn't think it should remain open. She was very sweet about it, as she always is.

Can't wait to see more of your dollies!

Deirdra Doan said…
I love to post emails from friends...this is from Suzi blu..she is such a sweetheart...I love her videos.

Those dolls are heartbreaking. I want to make some so badly!!
Absolutely first prize. You shall win.....
Seriously, your dolls are incredible.

(suzi blu)

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