Hanging out to dry pretty little girl.....doll making this week...in my corner of the bedroom....studio soon.

Love this dear heart Jane. She is teaching a Doll class. It is full now but great class if you want to take it in the Spring when she teaches again. In the mean time give her a visit...Click Here.


Karina said…
Deirdra! Thanks for posting on my blog. I love your work!! So amazing! I am so excited about going to A&S next year (my first time!)
Hello Deirdra, I'm glad you posted on my blog. I wrote to you a long time ago. I am a guitarist/singer/songwriter too, but I paint more now as the brushes are not so hard on my hands (osteo-arthritis). I still play some, not much, can be painful and have some beautiful guitars, a dulcimer, a 100 year old piano, and 2 banjos (I played bluegrass for awhile). I traveled a lot in those days.
Your work is lovely and I'm glad you left a comment on my blog. Your doll will be adorable. Isn't Jane wonderful. Hanging out at http://faithfolk.blogspot.com is fun and inspirational. I hope we see and hear from you again and often. I want to put you on my favs list, will you put mine on yours too? Fun!
juliaD said…
Hi Deirdra,
Love, Love Love!!!! your dolls...and I know you will be selling them this coming year....
Thank you for visiting my blog, and your kind comments...I am loving doing my doll face collages...and feel I learned much at Suzi's Ning workshop...I too want to start selling my art one day...but don't feel I have a marketable product,look or style yet....I get so much enjoyment watching your blog and love you and your husband's music music...xxxxxx
Janine said…
Ok Dierdra! I found your song! You have a wonderful voice! Thanks for posting!

That doll in black on the right of the candle looks like Timewithtascha on youtube...lol! Just me.

Love you pics of house!

I have to learn how to do this blog thing. How do you get so many pics up and how do you have it so organized?

I have to show my porcelein fairies and my other clay work! LOl, how vain am I!

This is fun!

Janine said…
I am slowly figuring this out! One of my comments has been misplaced or I screwed it up!

I love your art!!!


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