Photo I took on the Holy Isle of Iona

Her Self Deirdra as a Celtic Pilgrim.
St. Joseph of Arimathea with Mary bringing the Holy Cup or Holy Grail to the Celtic Isle's of the UK.

Top of the Morning to ya'll. It is getting near St. Patricks Day. (I added a player for a Celtic song of John Doan, you can turn the sound off on the player) I spent much of my creative artistic life working with Celtic/Irish themes. My husband composed and recorded 2 Celtic CD's. As the soul and only person in the Art Department it fell me to handle the graphics. We went to Ireland 5 times and led 3 different tours.

John's CD "Eire Isle of the Saints" won best Celtic CD of the year. His "Wayfarer a Celtic Pilgrimage" won a nomination for Best CD of the year and was beat out only by the wonderful
Loreena McKennitt new Celtic CD that year.

The "Eire" CD had clip art in it . I thought it wasn't very creative or interesting. So I wanted to make the art myself for the CD booklet.

I spent time studying Celtic Art from a book on Celtic art by George Bain.
I bought it in Ireland but you can buy it here.

Paintings I saw on the walls at Clonmacnoise-Ireland's Early Christian Monastic Settlement museum were my inspiration. The figures were painted in silver on a dark grey green and they showed the Monks carving the Celtic Crosses and other events like the Viking's sacking the monastery and carry off the women or treasures.

So I got to work and drew all the art. These are colored versions I made for the movie titles.

I also had the pleasure of having my Photo on the cover! We were lost on a 3 mile Island in Scotland know as the Holy Isle of Iona. Suddenly as we started down one of the many hills this beautiful beach photo appeared. If we had not gotten lost I never would have taken such a wonderful photo! So getting lost can be a very holy thing......


Karen Owen said…
Thanks for the beautiful post and story! I love all things Celtic - only natural since my Dad's family came from Ireland and my Mom's from Scotland.

Carols said…
Your art is so beautiful and so inspiring.
You always have a fresh and new ideas. And John's music is wonderful. We so enjoy listening. Thank you for taking the time to share your gift with the world.
Unknown said…
Hi Deirdra,
your blog is so nice and gives such a good feeling of your life and your art. I love the Celtic drawings. I moved in my art life from Children's book illustration into travel illustration and now dabble in mixed media mostly because of all the cool people who have inspired me at Art and Soul in Portland. Can't wait to meet you. Thanks for the nice comments on my work.

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