It is amazing to see all the ancient stone circles and burial mounds in Denmark. Just like Ireland.
Great Great Grand Maw Katrina weaving.
Looks like Katrina on her way to Church!

My Danish Family was just visiting me for the first time. In remembrance of them I posted photo's of our ancestors and Anna my Great Grandmother of the old country of Denmark on my flicker account. click here
or my Maw's Maw's Maw Anna, came here in 1917. My grandfather knew her as a little boy. She helped in his house after his mother had died. My mother was very much like her and I think my son looks like Anna.
My Great Great Grandmother Katrina was very funny and could out work any man. I think it was because in Denmark the men were treated to more food and favored. They were the workers and women were not as valuable. Katrina proved that to be untrue. She always went the Lutheran church every Sunday. One Sunday it snowed. Her son said well Maw you aren't going to church today are you....She said yes if the church doors were open she would be there. I got to go to her church when I was in Denmark and take communion were my Great and Great Grandmother worshiped!! She was a weaver and I have this wonderful photo of her at her loom! The artists of Skagen in the 1890's were the Danish impressionist. They painted the farmers and Skagen was only about 15 miles from my family.

I love to look at the paintings by the Skagen Painters and think of my family. Click here to see Skagen
I love the painting by Anna Ancher of the Wedding in Skagen. I can see all of my family and the way they dressed in this painting. Click here

Skagen is at the top of mainland Europe. You can walk until the beach tapers into a point and then vanishes beneath the North Sea. The two oceans come together and make a point as they cross each other.

A group of painters became fascinated with the light and the landscapes there during the mid-nineteenth century. They became known as the Skagen painters. The little yellow cottages with red tile roofs are beautiful.


Karen Owen said…
What a treasure your photo of your great grandmaw is! I've always wanted to learn to weave. It looks like you have a new banner on your blog too. I like it very much.
what a great photo of your great grand maw...I am sorry about the loss of your close friend. All losses are difficult for now, but it sounds like your friend is a believer and you'll be able to rejoice and play music together for eternity!
Joan said…
What an incredibly rich history you have!!!

This post and the photographs almost transport one through time and space.

Just beautiful Deirdra...

love to you.

Anonymous said…
After visiting your blog,it is as though I was also on this journey. I feel as though I were there.
You are truly blessed with an amazing gift.
So appreciate your art and sharing.
Love, Carol
Unknown said…
I simply loved to read about your family - and Great Great Grand Maw Katrina! I couldn't help smiling because it really looks like her going to church on the 3rd image!

Deirdra, thanks for you comments on the Polar Bear and on Nordic Thoughts! you really warmed up my heart. I'm glad to have you as a reader of my blog - very hounered!

My great,great grandfather's brother went to the US, too. For all her life my grand mother had contact with her "American cousin"...

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