I got a cool little email about my pictures I posted on flickr of my time at Art and Soul. My new blog friend wrote:

"love all your little photos of yourself as you tried to get pics of yourself. LOVE the striped tights and pointy toed shoes! So cute! Love your hats, etc... I don't know if I would have the bravery to not only try to take self pics but post them too??? Something in your photos caught a fun spirit within yourself, that I saw... THANK YOU for sharing your photos."

This past year has been my year for becoming whole. I think taking and sharing my pictures is part of my effort to accept myself completely. Some professionals say "people don't like themselves if they don't want there photo taken." Another friend once told me to "look back at pictures of your self years ago. When you look at them you well see how really cute you were years ago. But at the time you thought they were awful. So start enjoying them now!" I thought that was very freeing. One reason I like taking my own pictures is that I just discovered no one sees me like I see me in the mirror. So I tried it! The one of me on the first post was the first one I took in the mirror of my kitchen. I had a blast taking my own pictures all over the place in Europe.(above I am in the elevator at Liberties of London, my favorite store, a Arts and Crafts style building) I also took pictures of my self with no makeup and in stupid snoring pose.. I am working on a little children's book on a gnome/elf. I needed reference pictures to draw from. I realized when I could look at myself bags, sags, and all and still like me and my funny faces that I am finally getting somewhere!

I saw the most beautiful older woman who owned a store in up state NY. I loved her outfit and
I asked to take her picture. After I got home and looked at the photo I saw that she had lots of wrinkles and really wasn't very pretty but to me she was so beautiful. Her joy and soul sang out. We take pictures to see our spirit, record the moment and our love for others and ourselves.

A few suggestions. Take ton's of pictures, like at lest 36 or more. Throw away the ugly ones! If you have jowls and saggy neck like I do, SMILE AND LIFT YOUR CHIN. If you smile too hard you have 10 double chins. So keep after it. Oh yea, and the soft focus helps. And when I get to the part were nothing will help, (or I don't care anymore) and I still like my pictures I will have arrived. I have found out so much about myself and blessing your self is a wonderful thing!


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