I have been really enjoying the comments on my blog. Thank you so much.
OK the Dunce Caps are also Party Hats...or elves & wizards hats..... Very cool what do you think of ?.........

Speaking of Party's. I am going to my Girl friends in Eugene to celebrate her
Birthday. She has been loving Suziblu's youtube video's on making a journal. Suzi is so cute and encouraging about being yourself and doing your art.

So I bought my friend art supplies and a journal so she could get started. I tried my first altered book on the cover of her journal. I practiced some of the new techniques and style I learned in Misty's class. The Birthday girl loves how beautiful Black people are. So I painted her a sweet winged Black princess with a little bird.
My friend just got a bunch of little finch birds so I think she will love the tiny bird.

I made the blouse for the princess out of a Double Happiness stamp I just carved today. I am wishing my friend Double Happiness for her Birthday and all the rest of the Year!!!! And I wish the same for you too my friends.......
Happy All Saints Day Nov. 1st.


Morag said…
I met you the other night at Stampin' Cat (I had pink hair), anyway, when I looked you up on Google I came up with your MySpace page and tried an email there. The address is different than my google one. It was great fun to meet you and the blog is gorgeous. I have plenty of stripey socks, but where did you get those shoes???? You can see my art blog at MelusinaArtBlog. I see you have connected with Collage on Alberta already. Another group you might want to check out is Rubberta/Roberta at RubberStampMadness in Corvallis. Her friend Shannon is pretty marvelous too.
Tanaya said…
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Unknown said…
this is a lovely journal and very thoughtful gift! i can see the misty mawn influence, beautiful. so glad you shared this with us.


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