Blogging........ coming to this new way of expressing my heart and hand......After musing over the art and words of my new friends Blogs from Art and Soul. I realized what a wonderful place to share my art, photo's and inspirations of my heart. I have been so blessed to travel, meet people and have deep thoughts about what ever I have encountered. My friends hardly have the time to keep up with it all. But in Blogging I can put it out there. Now they can read and see my work in their leisure.

I still was not really sure if I knew how to do this and I needed help. A
artist friend and I had just left one of my favorite artists "Shannon Playford" annual open studio party. . We went walking on the new hip artistic Alberta Street of Portland ,Oregon and ran into "Collage" a store open until midnight on Friday nights. Being inspired by Shannon's work and my recent time at Art and Soul we went in knowing that of course we needed more art supplies to keep us going in the right direction. There on the magazine rack lay "Artful Blogging" by Somerset Studios. I looked at it and thought Oh my there is my answer!

What a sublime magazine. With it laying by my bedside I lavished in the beauty of the words and images of others artists with the same struggles and dreams as mine. Now I had the courage to jumped into magical space of Blogging......


Joan said…
Isn't the magazine just incredible? I have it too, and I've no doubt you will be gracing the pages of an issue down the road... you really will!
I'm so glad to see you like Brandie Isley's art. She is a sweetie. In November I will be posting some of the art I have from other artists and she will surely be featured, I own between 20 and 30 of her 'little pieces of art' and every one tells a beautiful story.
After all that is our goal isn't it? To tell a story and to touch people's hearts...
keep up the beautiful work Deirdra, your site is truly inspiring.
Stace said…
I'd like to print an excerpt from this post in an upcoming issue of Artful Blogging. Please contact me at if you are interested. Thanks! Staci Dumoski, Managing Editor, Artful Blogging magazine.

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