I have gotten the Doll bug again since spending time with Sheri DeBow this summer. Four wonderful days while she helped me make my own doll as I learned all about Polymer Clay. 
It has been a struggle to make my dolls look the way I want them too. It takes time to develop your own personal style. But it still is so fun I need to be easy with myself and just enjoy the process. I think that is the hardest part. I spent way late nights last weekend..sculpting sculpting....

 I thought it would be fun to make my own eyes and when I found this tutorial on Marina's Doll blog. Thank you Marina! Now I had the knowledge I needed to start the process. 
 I am still experimenting.
 I like how they came out..I included the commercial blue eye's in this photo.

But after baking the eyes with the resin over the top in the dolls head the colors and texture changes! So I am trying different paints and layers…

 I have been visiting a few blogs lately and realized it is so fun.
So I am going to come back and share more here again.

You can see on my facebook more photo's. Of course Facebook is easier but doesn't give you the time to stretch out and show to your bloggie friends what you are up to.
So this is what I did on Sunday! I was at the FaeireWorlds festival. Where my lovely husband John Doan played his wonderful Celtic Music.

I went into the thrift store early in the week to find dollie things and found a beautiful purple dress...It's back was down to my waist and I didn't like that. But after thinking about it... I went looking around and found a little top in Lavender and turned the dress back to front. With a sparkle belt I boutht in Paris at a used clothing shop..where all the model's seemed to hang out...and flowers from the house I was flying to Faeire Land! with a little help from wings from the Goodwill...smile..


Janine said…
Deirdra, could you make those eyes using paper clay so that you wouldn't have to bake them? You can use ice resin with or without colors not needing to bake anything. Your dolls are looking great btw! Love your pics and your wings!
Janine said…
I am one to experiment with stuff like this and I think it can be done without baking depending on the clay and the resin you use. You can use a paint like for making stained glass like windows and a clear resin that you let air dry. Just me thinking out loud. I have played with eye making even using china paints and porcelain clay years ago when I was making porcelain dolls. I even bought an eye making mold which is lost or tossed since. anyway
Deirdra Doan said…
I bake the eyes in the doll because it is not hollow....I put them into the Polymere doll and then have to bake them several times...with each layer..like hands, body face..what ever. I just baked them..it does need to be paint that is bake safe. I used fabric paints and Pearl X powders..just have to buy more colors.Thanks..
Deirdra Doan said…
I mean I just baked them with the heat set fabric paints and they kept the color..now I need to get some purple and clear blue..
The ones I used look good and are holding there color...
Beautiful dress Deirdra.
Sending this to people on my favorites list :)
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Sarah Pogue said…
I love seeing your photos from Faerieworlds =) I have wanted to go to that festival for such a long time, hopefully we will make it next year. I had noticed that your husband was playing there and so I was especially sad to miss it this year. Maybe he will play again there?
I have been going to SCBWI conferences, too, and submitting artwork to only magazines so far. I don't feel quite ready to approach anyone with my book idea, yet. Best of luck with your book!!! Please let me know if it is published, because I'm sure I will want it =)
Unknown said…
I'm really no help... BUT they sure do look pretty cool. Good luck with your experimenting!
Anonymous said…
so happy to see you creating dolls from clay! Isn't it ever fun???
I just love them.. and yours are truly unique indeed..!

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