Somerset Studio's, Belle Armoire, Art Doll Quarterly!

What a blessed month! I want to Thank Jana Holstein my friend and editor for Stampington Publications. She has been so kind to me and supportive of my art.
She has introduced me and my work to the other editors. She is the editor for Art Doll Quarterly and their Digital publication and a few others.

If you look in my blog you can see other posts about these different art works and class photo's from were I taught dolls and the collaged ladies.

I am so excited! The articles are so pretty...


Debby said…
Congrats Deirda! They look fabulous.
spindelmaker said…
Congratulations! I L-O-V-E your dress! You should show more up-close pictures of it. It´s stunning! And three magazines at once. You´re climbing the ladder, girl! Proud of you!!
spindelmaker said…
Oh, and your other work is great too! I go so caught up in the dress I forgot to mention them ;-)
pinkglitterfae said…
Congratulations!! how exciting for you! I regularly buy a couple of those magazines, so I look forward to seeing your work in them :-)
Healing Woman said…
I'm going out to pick up my copies today! Congratulations!
BEAUTIFUL pages, Deirdra! I can't wait to buy them up for my "Deirdra collection." Congratulations on the hat trick! (Three-in-one!)

xoxo lulu
Oh how great! Congratualations :)

Can't wait to get my hands on these!
Your garment in Belle Armoire is exquisite Deirdra! Thank you so much for bringing the magazine the other day when you visited me. All of your work in ALL of the magazines is wonderful.


Hi Deirdra, Congratulations. How super to be published. Your work is just amazing. I have seen you before in Art Dolls thats how I found you and am so glad. Everything is just beautiful and I love that dress. God bless. Cathy
Sarah Pogue said…
Congratulations! Your work is so beautiful - it certainly deserves to be featured! I'll look forward to checking out the articles =)
Sarah said…
Congratulations Deirdra! How exciting-three publications!
Serena Barton said…
Congratulations! Your dolls are delightful and inspirational and I'm so glad to see them featured in these magazines!
Congratulations, Deirdra! Your work is wonderful, so it's a treat for everyone who sees these publications to get to share your art for a moment! Hope all is well with you~~
Janine said…
Again congratulations! That dress is so lovely and so is Juliet!
Victorian Lady said…
Wow! Congratulations!! :)


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