New Counters

It is the day before Easter...I see a few snowflakes floating by my window...often March and April don't seem to know what season it is in Oregon...wind..rain, sun...snow...sleet...daffodils and tulips...

But the house is clean from the Passover celebration and that always gives me the sense of peace.

I am waiting for my friend Alexy to come by. We are going to tear up the kitchen counters today. 10 years ago when we built this home I loved tile...but it had large grout lines and it gets so much grease in white sink finish failed and so I needed a new sink..and of course the size of the hole was wrong for the new sink.......
commercial photo of kitchen with granite and granite sink

I am having wonderful new steel gray granite counters put in next week! I also am having a granite based under mount sink put in. It seems that you have to keep upgrading a new home. I thought I would be finished and not have to do anything again but I was wrong. Also to keep the value of the home up it is necessary. I might as well enjoy the up grades and not just wait till before it is time to sell.

It was nice having one last festival in the old kitchen....and now on to a new more solid life...

Granite has a nice symbolic meaning...for the new season of my life.


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