Planning Trip to Europe

Brighton UK Music Fringe Festival

What am I doing? Booking a tour to the UK and Europe...
It is exciting but much work...
No time for art..but lots of graphic work.

We are going to be going to England, Bath ( I Love BATH...Jane Austin and all), London, of King Authur. Then Germany, Austria and Italy...
Venice!!! My other fav. romantic!!

But I have to get jobs for my husband to pay our way!!

See my ad I am making for the Brighton Music Festival. (Fringe is a little festival that grows up around the big boys festival that brings in huge names)

And of course I am looking around OWOH giveaway!



Sue said…
A trip to the UK and Europe sounds absolutely wonderful! Hope you take lots of pics and blog about it.

Have an amazing trip!


Hi Deidra

This is so exciting.....

Please let me know the dates and times that John will will be playing and we will try our very best to meet you there.

I just stumbled across your wonderful blog this morning! I will definitely be following you and look forward to your upcoming blog posts. Have a wonderful time on your trip!
Diane Rooney said…
Deirdra, please email me nearer the time so we can meet up even if it's just for a cup of coffee. Things are very up in the air at the moment for me as my Dad's so very ill (terminal) and I'm going one day at a time. My email is x much love, Diane
Heather said…
oh! how fun! How I would love to see Bath and all its Austen beauty...have a wonderful trip!
Lorraine said…
Have a great trip to the UK and Europe..Italy is epsecially fantastic..thanks for visiting my blog

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