One World One Heart Blog Giveaway marathon!

OK....I did it...I went to every OWOH blog.....I started on Jan. 25 but....there were 1100 blogs this to finish.........I did a 5 hour marathon today!!! I didn't want to miss anyone! It has become a tradition...and you know how traditions are!!!

Happy Valentines the prizes are picked on Feb. 14th...Valentines day has a new meaning now to is Blog love.

The journey was long.....

My husband kept walking by snapping pretend photo's of me sitting at my chair...Finally he said he could see the sun setting be hind my head...aahh.....

For the love of friends and art and blogs.



Debby said…
Well congrats to you girl, that must have been a long day. So much fun visiting all the blogs. Happy Valentine's Day!
BumbleVee said…
Wow.... that's dedication Deirdra!! You must be exhausted.... your poor eyes.....
pinkglitterfae said…
woohoo! good for you! I'm making my way through them too, still got quite a few to go, so I will have to work on that tomorrow. It's been a blast hasn't it?
although I'm a bit worried about next year's numbers, lol!
good luck,hope you win lots of goodies
Meri said…
What a beautiful girl - is she playing one of John's instruments?
wow - that's amazing! Did you make it through all of them? I've been at my computer for about 2 hours now, and I've just barely scratched the surface of all the fabulous giveaways! I keep getting distracted with all the interesting things on people's blogs!
Sarah said…
Applause to you Deirdra! I think I only managed about 200, possibly 250. It was fun though!
LuLu Kellogg said…
Hi Deirdra~

I found you through Cassandra and wanted to tell you that I love your beautiful dolls. They are magnificent.

LuLu Kellogg
I'm leaving my comment on this amazing post, for I can see that you are patient to have endured five hours of blogging. Just wanted to thank you for the intro on my blog, and indeed, I would love to meet you fellow, Oregonian! Your husband's talent has to be intoxicating. My husband is extremely fond of music of all styles. We almost named our daughter Deirdre, which is close to yours, and I have family in Denmark! (Couldn't find an email address.)


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