Thoughts of Winter

Someone sent me an email of beautiful winter photo's I don't know who did them..but they are so beautiful and .......something sweet to think about...

I am in the midst of finishing a couple paintings for my Christmas Children's book on a Elf.
I can't show the new paintings to you! boo Hoo....but (you have seen some of the parts I have worked on last Feb and in my Christmas ornaments).

In a couple days I can send out my dummy and white drawings with the story. I will include photo's of the paintings.
Then I publisher at a time...3 months wait between.......


Heather said…
these are so stunning and lovely...those birdies just warm my heart! and congrats on the book! that's awesome!~
Cindy Thomson said…
So glad you're following through with the book, Deirdra! :-)
Your writing a book aswell,WOW! your many talents never cease to amaze me, I wish you lived nearer, I'd hope that some of them would rub off on me.

Congratulations Deirdra.
So glad to hear of the progress on your book Deirdra! Think how great it will feel to have it finished and published!
: ) lulu
I'm so excited for you on your new book! It's going to be wonderful!

Beautiful pictures. :)
Denise said…
Ohh i love the birdies one! and the deer looking into the window at the cat is so cute too!
Rella said…
Finding you through OHOW is just delightful and after signing up for your most generous and beautiful give away, I did some exploring, which is what this event is all about..and I listened to the Christmas song you and your husband made and it's just totally beautiful. It touched my heart and now I am humming the song as I clean my art room. Thank you for such a pretty and touching song to fill my heart.

xox Rella
Wanda Maria said…
OMG - the birds are sooo cute!
Wonderful photos indeed. A childrens book,,,excellent!!
Your very talented.

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