Superbowl Painting in Jackson Hole WY

I am working on my bio for sending out to the publisher with my children's book... as a result I looked up my history of taking Master Classes. I have had so many wonderful opportunities to paint. I took a week workshop in Jackson Hole WY with Scott Christensen about 5 years ago. It was a beautiful place to be and a amazing class. Scott went after painting like a man who wanted to win the was over whelming. But painting in a meadow looking at the Grand Tetons in May was truly a once in a life time experience. I meet some great artists.


I'm finally out and skipping thru blogville again. Seems like it's been awhile! I saw this today and thought immediatly of your hubbie....
Janine said…
Beautiful painting Deirdra!
Sarah said…
How exciting! I didn't realise you were doing a book but have just read below to find out. Can't wait to see it!
How awesome is that!!! What a great experience. A great location!

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