I am visiting the "The Royal City of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi". Santa Fe...Holy Faith. The town is dressed in snow and luminaries that represent the light that comes from faith in Christ who is lighting our way.... Mas means .....celebration!
So Santa Fe and John and I are celebrating Christmas EVE by walking Canyon street tonight where they have bonfires, luminaries, and singing of carols.

Yesterday we walked Canyon Street while the snow was falling and all the adobe galleries where dressed in their Christmas best...with snow making everything sparkling and even more beautiful. I saw so many wonderful paintings...what a special way to celebrate Christmas.

A lovely treat was going to the Georgia O'keefe museum! This was the first painting I saw...it was so beautiful..and it is my Christmas card to you too!


Meri said…
What a lovely way to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas time. I can just imagine John's music playing in the background in that lovely place.
Sarah said…
How lovely! It looks beautiful there. Have a lovely time!
Merry Christmas Deirda! I love the O'Keiffe. Your time sounds simply magical. What a special way to celebrate Christmas. I can't wait to see more pictures. My best to John. Miss you.

Diane said…
Hi, Deirdra and Merry Christmas!
Sounds like such a special and romantic time in Santa Fe for Christmas! And going to the Georgia O'Keefe Musuem! That is my dream to visit it! You'll have to tell me more when you return. Wishing you safe travels. -Diane
Glad Tidings from Ireland to You & Yours from Me & Mine

Looks like you're certainly enjoying a Merrie Christmastime

Amy said…
It looks like you had a beautiful Christmas, and I am glad that you and John spent it in such a magical place. Wishing you a bright and blessed New Year!
Heather said…
what gorgeousness! I hope you had a lovely time, what treat to go to the Georgia O'Kieffe museum~ happy new year to you~
Mo'a said…
Lucky you...Santa Fe is one of my favorite places in the world. One day I would like to spend Christmas there.
Hi Deidra

My sparkly little elf has arrived this morning, what a lovely suprise to receive in the post, I won't be putting him away with the Christmas decorations, I shall keep him in my studio to remind me of you.

Thank you once again.

Wishing you both a very Happy New Year


P.S Georgia O'keefe museum, how wonderful, I have only seen her paintings in books.
Mo'a said…
Happy New Year Deirdra and John.
Some day I would love to spend Christmas in Santa Fe...Santa Fe is one of my favorite places in the world :) Lucky you!!!

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