Disneyland Christmas

On the run but had to put up this funny picture. The Disneyland Christmas Parade and Christmas fireworks and snow was so fun. The whole park is lighted up for Christmas!!!! oxoox Merry Christmas....


Anonymous said…
Deirdra, What a great picture~ and oh I bet it was fun.
I am truly enjoying your blog and love the song you sing on here.. you have a beautiful voice and your hubby is extremely talented too.
Wow.. great couple you are.. My little eight yr old grandaughter just loved the movie of you in the woods with the candle..
Thank you so much
Hugs, Darlene
Hi Deirdra

Hope you are having a lovely trip, not working too hard I hope, I have just posted the Ipswich photo's I know you wanted a look to see how the old town was doing.


By the way that's a lovely photo of you both.
Looks like you are having a marvelous
trip... !! And I loved reading through
your blog and seeing all
the fabulous things you have been

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