Thanksgiving for all my Blog friends Giveaway

Originally called the Macy’s Christmas Parade, the parade started in 1924. It initially featured live animals, but they were replaced by larger-than-life balloons a few years later. The first balloon was modeled after Felix the Cat, photo c. 1932
Just as the Thanksgiving Parade at Macy's announces Christmas and the joy of little children's illustrations like Felix the Cat and Garfield. I am giving away one of my Ornaments that feature a illustration from my in process childrens book on a Christmas Nisse.

I want to know of all my friends who visit me on my blog. I am so THANKFUL for you. Some of you I know because I hear from you in the comments. So as a thank you for coming I am having a mini giveaway.

Please leave a comment on any post up to Dec. 4th 11pm est. I will pick a name out of the hat to find the winner. Please be sure I have a email or way to contact you.
Thank you so much for making my blogging experience so wonderful these past two years. And thank you for all of your encouragement and love. I think of you and hope my little art works and musings bring you joy. I have grown in confidence so much from your support.

May your this years Thanksgiving be a real Blessing!


Anonymous said…
Sweet and true words! I also feel blessed to have met so many kind folks on this blog journey. Sign me up for your giveaway, your artwork is a treasure.
Happy Blessings on this Thankgving Day!
Although Ireland doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving Deirdra as you more than likely are aware (give us time we probably WILL!-as we LOVE a good shindig!)we hold tightly to the wonderful concept!Enjoy your Thanksgiving
Blog friend

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday, its such a lovely tradition, I wish we had it overhere, I try to have my own thanksgiving for our family in the summertime, but I would still like to go to a traditional American thanksgiving some day.

I understand your sentiments about visitors to your blog, I have come along way with the help of my visitors. It is truely a reason to be thankful.

Diane said…
Hi, Deirdra! I, too, am inspired by your blog. I love seeing what's new with you. Your blog design is visually interesting. I usually click on other artist's blogs that you display. Fun! I like your Nisse ornaments, but would love to see one in person! I'll probably see you this Friday at Victorian Christmas at Willamette! Diane.
I hope your book goes really well, how fun. I'd love to join your giveaway. Thank you Deirdra,
Keep working away on your amazing afterwards we can have you for a teacher on painting and creating amazing art dolls. WHOOOHOOO Enjoy your weekend.
Mo'a said…
I love Coco in the post below :) How exciting about the Nisse book...Your giveaway is wonderful.
I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Sweet photo of the parade. your work!!...I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!
RD said…
I'm visiting via A Fanciful Twist and am lucky to find such a beautiful blog! ...And a giveaway! Wow. I hope Thanksgiving was beautiful.
Unknown said…
Deirdra, you are so multi-faceted and original. I enjoy everything you do. The book illustrations are adorable! I'm thrilled to have my name in the hat for this giveaway. :)
Colette said…
Hi Deidra. Such beautiful art. I would love to join the giveaway too.
Anonymous said…
Hi Deirdra,

I just wanted to stop in and say hello, I have not spoken to you in awhile. I just happen to drop in when you are doing your giveaway, but that is not my impetus, I just have been wondering what artful loveliness you have been up to. Your latest projects and paintings look great. I like your point about appreciating our own artistic gifts.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Anonymous said…
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